Tuesday, 8 May 2012


Tess, she may have felt

momentarily relieved,

when Angel Clare confessed, to her, his sins.

Her own offence,

logic led her to deduce,

could not be any worse, for

      'tis the same.

Oh Tess, you foolish girl. Unfeigned

naivety always was uncool.

The pattern remains the same; always

will do.

      I forgive you; now I ask the same of you.

      While we were apart,

      I was human too.

But, darling, don't you know? How could you

not see? "Human" is synomymous with "man"

in this context.

Angel C.'s "sins" were

conquests. Call it sexual

discrimination, if you will.

Women always get the worst deal.

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