Sunday, 5 October 2014


Sometimes I don't think I can fall

any more, any deeper - and still

I fall,

I fall,

I fall.

I have used all

of my emotional energy,

caring for others,

who couldn't care less about me.

That's how I feel.

Is anything, or anyone, for real?

Deeper, deeper - drowning - can't breathe.

Eventually, everyone is going to leave -

abandon me.

That is my destiny.

I am empty, so empty, inside,

and there's nowhere to hide.

Chronic illness persists, day after day -

cannot even run away.

No choice but to stay.

Just have to endure

some more,

some more,

some more.

Thursday, 2 October 2014

"You Can Only"

You can only love your friends,

but cannot make them stay.

The tighter you hold on

to those you cherish,

the faster and further they slip away.

You cannot - can never - make anyone stay.

You will only ever drive people away.

You might try not to get attached at all,

not to care too deeply -

and yet, you end up caring, anyway.

Ultimately, all you can do

is to remain true

to yourself:

give love,

and live in hope

that sometimes -

friends may even be genuine,

and actually want to stay.

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

"Why Should Anyone Mind?"

If I rip myself apart

inside my own mind,

why should anyone mind?

It's not as if anyone

gets hurt,

after all -

no-one at all,

apart from me.