Monday, 26 May 2014


I am startled by a sound, so loud.

It really is a pin dropping,

and actually - three streets away, to boot.

I am sensitive.

I am fragile.

Can you ever understand?

Your words -

your silences -

do you realise

how they sound,

when amplified

inside my mind -

what each one signifies

to me?

"Housebound on a Sunny Day"

Ever been housebound on a sunny day?

Not even housebound - more like, first floor flat-bound.

I watch the happy people passing by.

Half-naked mothers push their prams around.

My life's role - to be happy for them all.

The whole world is such a happy place.

It is a sunny day, after all.

I just wish that the world and day,

and this so-called "happiness",

would fade away.

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

"Stella Can"

There's a Stella can in our

communal stairway.

People must get drunk as soon as

it's a sunny day.

Otherwise they might just sit around,

and wish their lives away.

After "drink ten", they will do that, anyway.

I had my share of drink, and drunken blokes,

and crash diets, and too many other things, when

I was young, and could have done so much.

I didn't have all of these current limitations then,

but as long as they can never take away

my imagination and my pen -

if, and when, I can actually locate a working pen...

I tell myself that life is

really not so bad.

See this smile? I'm happy with my "lot".

No, of course I do not feel that I've been had.

I am oh-so-pleased for each expectant

mum and dad

I meet - and none of that stuff ever makes me sad.

I don't want the responsibility, anyway - right?

So tell yourself that I'm actually almost glad.

Friday, 16 May 2014

"Full Circle"

I am coming full circle

in so many ways.

All these emotions

leave me in a daze.

Too many times now,

my heart has been broken.

Too many loose ends,

and words left unspoken.

Each new situation

seems to echo the last.

How do we live in the present,

whilst fearing the future - yet, locked in the past?

I am coming full circle

in too many ways.

I must learn to trust in the process - my journey -

as I enter another new phase.

Friday, 2 May 2014

"Too Attached"

What is too attached?

I'd like to know.

Is it so wrong to care,

or to let your true feelings show?

Yes, it leaves me exposed.

Does everyone leave,

in the end?

Is each new person I meet,

potentially the next one I'll have to let go?

So why bother at all?

And why can't I stop?

Why do I keep getting attached,

when I know

how these things always go?

Are any of my friends actually scared

of losing me too?

I get too attached, right?

So what is too attached?

Tell me, someone.

I need to know.