Tuesday, 28 January 2014


She grabs at each distraction,

in the hope that she might find

something that can ease the pain,

and fill her heart and mind.

She tries to shut out her emotions,

instructing her imagination,

to leave well alone:

select another destination.

It's as if she's going crazy -

and she's trying to let go,

and be reasonable and rational,

and not to let her feelings show -

and so she grabs at each distraction,


Tuesday, 21 January 2014

"Lifestyle Choice"

It's a tangled mess inside my head.

Some days I can just stay in bed,

and no-one knows or cares at all.

I could be alive. I could be dead.

The world goes on: all well and good.

I might move a muscle, if I could -

but depression brings paralysis.

I need to move. I know I should.

I can't explain how I feel inside,

or why I stay in bed and hide -

but, believe me, no-one would choose this "life".

So many pointless tears, I've cried -

and still you seriously believe

my depression to be

a so-called "lifestyle choice"?

Saturday, 11 January 2014

"Falling Apart Again"

I have my moments of

not quite suicidal.

Then, on cue, my world must

fall apart again.

I don't understand what I've done

so wrong,

but here it is - the way it is -

my life of torture,

pure, unendurable, soul-destroying pain.

And I will never escape.

"See Me Through"

And if fresh fantasies might see me through,

and give my world a lighter, brighter shade or hue -

must we still question what the mind can do,

or simply accept that, here and now, I write these words for you?

In my eternal darkness, I remain.

Yet, if I feel your spirit's light, then why complain?

There is some melody, even in pain,

and it's enough - that you can make me smile again.