Saturday, 19 May 2012


already these walls

bleed bad memories

remember the amplified echoes

of her screams

yet this young girl

still only nineteen

feels at home


entirely alive

within these walls and ceilings

plastered with posters

with Metallica

defiantly blaring

sufficiently loud

for the little pub

to make the street outside shake


a lager inside her

and suddenly

this is her sanctuary

her space

her source of insane sanity

and a good place to escape

for a few hours

before meeting up with her ex

for a drink and to talk

he said to be sober

on arrival

so she is only having

a very quick drink

then he catches her eye

this guy - blonde and cute

says hi - tells her his name or

the one that he goes by

that he likes her profile

she smiles

heart notes the

handsome stranger

already lining up

her next mistake

before she leaves

in time - or only

slightly late - to

meet up with her ex

for a drink and to talk

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