Thursday, 27 February 2014

"Ebony Night"

Body, mind, soul -

I am put daily to the test.

Physical, emotional, psychic - such pain -

and I do not get to rest.

I have searched all of my life

to find them - my people - true friends.

I have found temporary relief in delusional hopes -

again and again -

but each time, the crash comes and then

my world duly descends

into familiar chaos: living hell, where I belong.

I dissolve into grey -

scream into scarlet and crimson -

find sanctuary, finally -

in my spirit's

ebony night.

"Scarlet Ink"

I hate me.

As I write my words of self-hatred

in my bathroom mirror,

I fantasize

about scrawling them, bold as screams, in scarlet ink

upon these magnolia walls:

the scarlet ink

of my blood.

Just because - I can - and why the hell not?

Should I add names?

I would love to add names,

just to externalise

the obsessions,

that live in my mind,

as I slowly die:

people who have hurt me,

are hurting me still,

and don't even care.

Is there

an end

to the


that is

my existence?

"Burden to Society"

drained by this way of life

the constant pain and endless strife

relentless bubbling

of anger inside


then externalised

hate myself

resent the world

unwanted - unneeded

my warning's unheeded

because no-one really cares

and I am left here in despair

contemplating suicide

not one place left to hide

writing depressing poetry



that this world will

surely be

a better place


the burden

of me

Friday, 7 February 2014

"Something's Not Right"

what do you do

when the pain and discomfort

keep you awake at night

your body sending out

her unsubtle signals

that something's not right

do you write poetry

that's boring and repetitive

just to get through

do you have secret fantasies

do you ever just cry

what do you do

to make it through

another long night