Thursday, 10 May 2012

"My Extra Head"

Latest side-effect:

I grew another head.

The doctor said that

the reason for this

development was

definitely not

the drugs prescribed.

No, it was due to

the fact that I

had clearly always

had these dual-headed

tendencies. Perhaps

this was due to heredity?

In any case, it was

my problem, not hers,

apparently. In fact,

according to my doctor,

I would have been a

two-headed freak all along

were it not for the


symptom-less illness,

ot which head loss was,

after all,

a common feature.

The illness that

now, happily,

their drugs had

cured entirely:

Lucky me! She wondered

why I didn't jump

for joy. Oh boy!

I feel so bloody uncomfortable,

with this second head -

but I have to learn

to live with it.

That's what my doctor said.

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