Wednesday, 23 May 2012

"Enough People Agree"

Why fly to Ibiza just to get pissed,

When there are clubs and pubs across the road,

Which are less expensive? Guess I have missed

The point – if there was one to miss. A load

Of rubbish can be made "true" by consent.

Almost any story that you invent

Is "factual" once enough people agree.

Ibiza first. Then it’s Glastonbury.

Religions end up being just the same.

It’s all about what’s "authorised" – not true.

Let’s play the "because-it-says-so-here" game.

You aren’t allowed a different point of view.

The leaders, in their Simple Simon roles,

Ensure that we remain in pigeon-holes.

God has become lost in bureaucracy.

Might as well just go to Glastonbury.

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