Friday, 11 January 2013


It seemed a very heavy price to pay -

for seven pomegranate seeds, consumed.

Half of every year,

to be spent here, in the land of the dead.

Yet, the post of "Queen of Underworld"

is underrated,

and you should see Hades when he burns with lust.

He wants me to move here, full-time.

Why should I?

Divided between two worlds -

awaited, yearned for, at both ends.

I have grown to love it.

Monday, 7 January 2013

"Disordered Mind"

disordered mind:

moments of colourful chaos -

and then, once again, that familiar darkness

"Anonymous Joins Facebook"

I started up a Facebook account,

but only because my teenage children insisted:

fake name, no photo and

definitely no private details,

although I did state my gender.

I added three friends.

They were my teenage children.

I added the one

whom I mistrusted the least

to my highly exclusive "close friends" list -

so that, if and when I ever share

a status update,

I can be sure that

no-one else will ever read it.

I refuse to link my Facebook

to my Twitter account,

which is under a different fake name,

because even though I never, ever

Tweet anything, or follow anyone else's Tweets -

still, I wouldn't like to risk...

People can find out all of your private

details through Facebook and Twitter, you know.


emerald brightness

within olive green

illuminating fresh dreams

that I do not yet dream

Friday, 4 January 2013

"Girl in Pink"

swirling girl

in pretty pink

and blue denim

the years lie ahead for you

stretched out like vast fields

of potential daisy chains

don't let this world break you

don't let them take away

your spirit

your pride

Thursday, 3 January 2013


Silhouettes of trees:

against defiant skies of indigo,

that paint their dreams of peace,

like illusions

upon our hearts -

like memories that fade,

along with the yellowing pages

of never written novels,

about which we no longer care.

My fixed gaze is upon the row of trees. The moment.

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

"Moments in Motion"

watching birds in flight

each moment's motion

the next moment's memory

captured in my heart

captured in these lines


My mind is necessarily

closing down.

This system overload

has overwhelmed me.

My mind is necessarily

closing down.

I shall seek my moments of peace

in Mother Nature's sanctuary,

and find ways to remain

true to myself,

and alive to the spirit of universal love -

without letting


hurt me

this way


"Not Yet?"

I should aspire to tell of newness,


spring days,

and healing hearts.

I would love to

write such words of hope

and mean them,

but I can't.