Saturday, 5 May 2012

"Rethink's Members Believe"

"Rethink's members believe that, in addition to medical care, they need a home, money, and a social network." - Community Care Magazine, 5-11 December 2002

They're growing more and more demanding.

They seem not to realise

the economics involved in what they now propose.

Someone has to earn the money,

after all.

It's not enough to give them psychiatric care. Taxpayers

already subsidise their drugs; those don't come cheap,

you know.

Now the mentally ill are asking us for homes, money,

and even social acceptance; something has to give.

If we give in to this, their demands will never cease.

I suppose they claim they want the money

to buy food?

No such thing as a free meal;

that's what my mother taught me, as a child.

Next they will be asking for fresh, unpolluted air

to breathe. Who do they think they are?

If it wasn't for us, going in our cars to work

each day, who would pay for their drugs then?

Talk about ingratitude!

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