Tuesday, 29 May 2012

"Selective Caring"

selective hearing

selective caring

your speciality

what part of the word


don't you understand

what part of the words

"need help urgently"

don't you won't you comprehend

can't help now

a patient's ill

I know that patient's me

but you mean a patient you

care about

and you clearly don't care about me




that's how I feel

I need a safe space

that's all I need

not to cause a drama

like the ones you help instead

but if you make me desperate

your drama

your entertainment

will arrive


but that's okay fine I'm only me

just ignore me

with my screams and scars

you can't pander to

people like that

after all

she'll go away in the end

natural wastage

on your stats

you always lose a percentage

nature of the job

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