Friday, 23 November 2012

"The Legend of Lucy Lightfoot"

At seventeen, so radiant,

hair raven black, eyes emerald green -

the local lads, they just don't stand a chance.

Lucy's heart is in the village church -

the love of her life, a wooden effigy,

of a soldier who died long ago,

before Lucy's birth.

She has visited the tomb

every day since she was twelve.

She brings her lover flowers,

tells him details of

her daily life:

living on a local farm,

with her father and two brothers.

Then, one day, Lucy is riding

her beloved white horse,

in the direction of the little church.

She gets caught in a storm,

so fierce. The skies turn black.

She must reach the church,

her sanctuary from the violence

of the elements.

She tethers her terrified horse

to the rusty gate,

and soon she is safe, with her lover again.

Lucy's horse was later discovered,

frightened and alone.

But where did Lucy go?

No trace of Lucy Lightfoot was ever found -


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