Friday, 23 November 2012

"Only The Horse"

There was an eclipse,

and a violent storm, on the afternoon

that Lucy Lightfoot disappeared.

Only Lucy's horse ever saw

the white light,

as lightning struck the steeple

of the little church.

He was tethered

to the rusty gate -

and, of course, the poor animal was afraid.

Lucy was inside the church -

by her lover's side.

Her lover - from a former life.

She had visited his tomb

each day since she was twelve,

presenting flowers, whispering secrets

and words of passion,

to his wooden effigy.

She must have realised

that the time was right,

that she and her valiant soldier

would finally reunite.

But only the horse ever saw

the white light -

and no trace of Lucy Lightfoot

was found, beyond that afternoon.

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