Thursday, 8 November 2012


There is a bridge across a stream.

Descending leaves are golden-brown,

creating a tranquil, autumnal scene:

a spiritual sanctuary,

place of pure peace,

where eternal dreams

can flow.


  1. Paula, good to find you here. I've just been tagged in a blog meme called the 'Next Big Thing', which offers authors a chance to answer (probably 10) questions about their new books. So I thought of you. You can see the questions on Marianne Wheelaghan's blog here - you might have to cut and paste this url into your browser):

    Let me know if you'd like to take part on your blog. I'll be posting my answers probably on Wednesday week and the idea being that you (and four others I choose) blog their responses the Wednesday after that. (So everyone gets advance warning and time to work on their answers!).

    I hope you may like to join in and I look forward to reading your answers! The idea is that you answer the questions in the given time frame ... and invite 5 other recently published authors (of any genre) to do the same, the week after you.

    I would be very grateful to know whether you are willing to give this a go!


  2. Hi Caroline,
    I shall take a look at the link later - thank you.

    I can't seem to "follow" more blogs at the moment - for some sort of technical reason, best known to Blogger - but I can take a look, anyway.

    Best wishes,