Saturday, 10 November 2012

"Harsh Lessons"

The world is no less beautiful,
but life has taught her
harsh lessons - and some days,
it feels almost impossible
for her to trust
another human being.
Yet, the changing skies,
throughout these days
and nights of sorrow,
still make her feel
something. More than merely numb.
Cold winds can remind her
that she's still
alive: a real person,
in spite of how
she has often been -
and is still - treated.
Nature has her own
form of harshness:
moments of apparent
cruelty, to rival
that of the human race,
and she too knows
how to cause
Yet, Nature is not
sadistic and manipulative,
not in the same gratuitous way.
The trees, and every creature, great and small -
all are as beautiful
as they ever were -
and even though she still
feels like
letting go,
she doesn't.
And she still cares about
the other people too,
even the ones
who have hurt
and rejected her,
and possibly always will.
She thinks about,
worries about them -
wishes them well every day.
Maybe sometimes,
some of them
even think of her as well,
and hope that she's okay.

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