Saturday, 17 March 2012


Poetic inspiration glistening

On the horizon of a troubled mind –

She shuts it out. She is not listening.

In her state of depression, she’s resigned

To being uninspired. Darkness descends.

She doesn’t want to pretend there is hope

When there is none. She doesn’t trust her friends -

And family is worse. She cannot cope

And just can’t see a future any more.

Each day is a fresh battle to survive,

And she knows that she’ll never win the war.

She’s lost her motivation and sex drive.

Her monthly haemorrhage is nearly due.

She wishes for an early menopause.

Sure, she’d have loved a baby – women do

But God is good at small print, and a clause

Was slipped into her contract from the start.

The NHS just watch her fall apart.

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