Tuesday, 14 July 2015

"The Final Flames"

To let her spirit dance, and set her free -

if only. Her own body is her cell.

Entranced by birdsong, nature's melody -

she yearns to heed their call, but feels unwell

day after day. It's not a "lifestyle choice".

Some "choice": to just be stuck indoors again.

Talks to herself - checks she still has a voice.

Facebook, Twitter and You Tube keep her sane -

and make her crazier, at the same time:

the friends she talks to, but can never touch.

Reality has reason, yet no rhyme.

Daydreams are her escape. She dreams too much.

When she comes back, it's always with a crash.

It hurts each time. You'd think that she might learn.

Maybe she'll see it - once her dreams are ash -

once the final flames are duly extinguished,

never to return.

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