Thursday, 16 July 2015

"How Does It Feel?"

Do you feel a sense a power,

when you take a girl without her consent -

from "touching up" to full-scale rape?

What was your intent,

and can your mind not visualise

this same girl, at twenty-five - thirty-five -


Broken - because of what you have done.

Do you not realise

that, when you move swiftly on,

in approximately

five minutes' time -

that she does not - cannot?

Your act will traumatise her

for the rest of her life.

She may never have sex again - never have kids -

may even commit suicide.

How does it feel?

Do you feel a sense of power?

Did it feel good,

after you were finished with her,

had done your filthy deed,

when you watched the girl you had just violated,

watched as your victim broke down and cried?

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