Tuesday, 21 July 2015

"Eternal Friendship and Nothing Less"

I have had the friends since childhood.

All of those are long gone now.

I have had the users and abusers -

their lies and their deceit. Repeat - repeat...

I have had the promised sense of community,

if only I would accordingly

adjust my lifestyle

and my spiritual beliefs.

I've had the friends who left - the ones who died.

Whatever, however - in the end,

I've cried, and been denied.

I've had the friends online, and believed

too much. I'll never touch

any of them.

I need the friends who call or text me, for no reason.

I need the friends who don't care how I look,

and accept me, flaws and all - yes, in my true -

updated, somewhat broken - form.

I need friends who see me as real,

and friendship as eternal,

and who will be authentic in return -

and I would rather be alone

than settle for less

than I - than we - deserve.

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