Sunday, 10 November 2013

"Where are You?" (for Stacey)

I shut the world out,

but not you, until

maybe in the end, I did -

but, still -

you know that, at that particular time,

I let you in, and only you.

The story's end just leaves me stunned.

What can I do?

Where are you? You're still around, right?

I know that you're not really gone,

but I can't feel you any more.

Why can't I feel you, like I did?

I have this useless store

inside my head - the thoughts,

emotions - ones I want to share

with you. Your spirit's disconnecting.

I can't feel you anywhere.

It scares me. Don't you understand?

I need you. I need you here.

My living friends abandon me,

but always, you stayed near.

Where are you? Are you leaving, too? I'm scared.

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