Tuesday, 5 November 2013

"From My Heart"

I wish you all peace,

and I wish you all love -

from my heart -

but, for my own part,

it is over.

I can let go now.

No more resentment.

From my heart,

although I am falling apart,

I send you all peace,

and love,

and healing.

But , as for myself,

it is over.

So I'm saying goodbye,

although it makes me cry,

and I can't

say it any

other way.

No drama, no fuss -

not some really big deal -

and I don't even know

exactly how or when,

it will


my end.

I don't hate anyone -

maybe not even myself

any more,

but my will has gone.

My spirit is broken.

The long-term

physical and mental

deterioration -

along with rejection after rejection -

has destroyed

what was left.

Now I want to be free.

I need to be free.

I don't know when

or how,

but it has to end soon.

I didn't want to leave

such a mess


I'm not that type.

I would like pretty bows

to be tied

around what's left of me -

but my strength is failing me.

And this isn't the end.

There are other lives.

Believe that.

Hold on

to my memory,

my friends -


we meet again.

This isn't the end.

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