Monday, 27 May 2013

"I Never Got The Chocolate Flake"

My mum might even buy me an ice cream.

A 99? Well, okay - I could dream.

Might get stale bread to chuck at birds in lake -

but I never did get the chocolate flake.

You could buy those flakes from any store

far cheaper. Ice cream vans charge so much more.

You have got an ice cream, for heaven's sake.

I never did get the chocolate flake.

But we never buy them, though -

from "any store" that sells them - and, oh -

the disappointment, every time, is difficult to shake.

I've got the ice cream, yes - but not the flake.

When I went to Lorna's house for tea,

you'll never guess what her mum would buy, for Lorna - and for me.

Is it such an unfair comparison to make?

No. Apparently, she always got an ice cream - complete with flake.

A childhood full of Mini Milks, and Funny Feet, and maybe some Arctic Roll.

Occasional mints, both with and without hole.

The pink, white, yellow and cream of Angel Cake -

and even sometimes, an ice cream - but always, minus flake.

Then, one holiday - I was fourteen now -

there was an ice cream van, and this time - wow!

But by then it didn't really make

any difference that I could have had a flake.

I was on a diet -

but my brother clearly enjoyed his ice cream,

and the chocolate flake.

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