Wednesday, 5 August 2015

"Broken and Abandoned"

and they leave her broken

and in despair

each so-called "friend"

who had promised

to always be there

claimed to care

when she needs them the most

no word

just silence, screaming from her phone

email and Facebook - empty inbox, says it all

they step away

none of their business, anyway

just giving her space

and the family - same approach

can't "pander to people like that", after all

calls crisis support

what can they do

that's what they're asking her

listen might help

but they don't

and they won't

ring back in the morning

that's all they can say

then the day staff

can ignore her calls, too

which they do

can't they see

how close

she is

to the edge

what thoughts are racing, so relentlessly, through her head

so the moment arrives

she is finally going

to end it all

they'll catch her next time she's on Facebook

do they really not understand

any of them

yet she feels

a sense of



she knows what she must do

and soon all that will be left

is her Facebook profile

and a Twitter page, overflowing with

inspirational quotes

in which she once tried to believe

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