Wednesday, 21 May 2014

"Stella Can"

There's a Stella can in our

communal stairway.

People must get drunk as soon as

it's a sunny day.

Otherwise they might just sit around,

and wish their lives away.

After "drink ten", they will do that, anyway.

I had my share of drink, and drunken blokes,

and crash diets, and too many other things, when

I was young, and could have done so much.

I didn't have all of these current limitations then,

but as long as they can never take away

my imagination and my pen -

if, and when, I can actually locate a working pen...

I tell myself that life is

really not so bad.

See this smile? I'm happy with my "lot".

No, of course I do not feel that I've been had.

I am oh-so-pleased for each expectant

mum and dad

I meet - and none of that stuff ever makes me sad.

I don't want the responsibility, anyway - right?

So tell yourself that I'm actually almost glad.

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