Saturday, 22 March 2014

"Nothing To You"

You're in my head.

I drive myself insane

day after day.

I need to

pull away.

I'm scared that you'll leave.

It's so familiar: this pattern.

Yes, I am obsessed.

It's just the insecurity, though.

Don't you get that?

Can't you understand?

Do you really not know?

Once I let go

a little,

maybe we can

even be

friends - for real.

How would that feel?

What do I mean

to you,

nothing at all?

You don't need me

the way that I

need you.

They never do.

I feel like nothing

because I am


to you.

Yes, you are in my head.

Yes, I am completely obsessed.

If only you could

reassure me somehow,

but you won't

and you don't

care as much as I do.

Why can't I get

close to you?

You make me so happy -

and yet what do you do?

Almost nothing at all -

just be you.

Do you know how I feel?

Do you even


how I feel?

I'm scared that

my intensity

will drive you away.

Please stay.

I'll be okay

in the end.

I'll work through

these emotions,

let go a little.

I won't hurt you.

I won't bother you

at all.

You're in my heart,

and in my head -

and I need to

pull away.

Yet, somehow I know

that I won't stay


for very long.

You mean

the world

to me,

even though I know

that I am


to you.

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