Tuesday, 31 December 2013

"And The Cycle Repeats"

My mind is in confusion.

I don't know where to turn.

Nothing's for real, and no-one stays.

When will I ever learn?

I live inside my fantasies.

I like my own world best -

but too soon, I'm faced with reality,

and I end up even more depressed.

If only I knew who my friends were.

If only people didn't lie.

If only I expected less.

If only, like the others, I didn't care or try.

I only get over one disappointment,

once I set myself up for the next.

And even though they don't show me the small print,

the get-out clause, buried deep in the text -

I already know that there has to be one.

Deep down, I realise that from the start.

Yet, I cling to pure hope, ignoring all logic,

because I am ruled, every time, by my heart.

Now my mind is in total confusion.

There is nowhere left to turn.

Nothing's ever for real, and everyone leaves -

but I will never learn.

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