Thursday, 7 March 2013

"Reading Bedding Poem"

You cannot deny the truth

of what we tell you every day:

For bedding

in Reading,

the place to be heading

is Reading Bedding.

These commercials pay.

Start to feel good

in the skin

you're shedding.

And images are slowly threading

their way through your subconscious mind,

as you dream in comfort,

in your bedding

in Reading -

which came, of course,

from Reading Bedding.

And the wedding is

in Yeading,

but that's much too far

from Reading,

where all we want to do

is to cheer on The Royals

(football team, not monarchy) -

and, yes, enjoy occasional trips

"dane Readin' Beddin'".

Go any time to Reading Bedding -

apart from when The Festival is on,

when you won't be heading



not even Reading Bedding.

Yes, okay - I've tried it. I should know.

And there are lots of pubs and clubs

in Reading,

but we prefer to go to London,

even though

we know

we'll be a city, too -

some day.

Still, you can't deny that, for your bedding,

you ought to be heading

for Reading Bedding.

County Kitchens, anyone?

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