Tuesday, 4 September 2012

"Learning to Fake It" (for Stacey, who taught me about "fake it until you make it")

So when you just want

To panic or scream

To run away or to die

Because you’re so bloody terrified

Because for some of us

That happens almost all of the time

In every day situations

Such as standing in the queue

At Tesco Express

Or sitting in a chair

At the hairdressers

Or answering phone calls

Especially ones from "The Family"

So what you do

All you do

You pretend

You think

What would I do here

If I was confident

How would I act

What would I say

How would I be

Come across

You fake it

Until you make it

You learn to pretend

And sometimes it doesn’t work

And sometimes it does

And sometimes it helps a little

So it isn’t a perfect solution

But sometimes it works

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